Building Muscle the Vegan way! By Guy Mills

"Built on plants" Can it be done? Well, Guy Mills the 28 year old bodybuilder from Ipswich, Suffolk proves that you can. Competing and winning bodybuilder Guy Mills not only consumes Vegan only protein products - but has built from ground up - I Am Vegan Protein™. A Vegan only protein & Supplement company.

Best Vegan Protein

So what is the best Vegan protein supplement brand? The answer Guy Mills suggests is, "That is an impossible question to answer, based on the following factors and preferences: taste, texture, mix-ability, performance, smell, price etc. However, you can rule out many brands by simply looking at their labels. Check that the brand is registered with a Vegan society, check the manufacturing region, check the ingredients are of high quality and necessary, check for trademarks and reliable logo icons. Then of course - look up the brand on social media platforms, check their reviews, ask other Vegan protein users, join Vegan forums etc. But I believe I Am Vegan Protein™ will be the peoples choice, the number 1 Vegan only protein and supplement company to date".

I Am Vegan Protein™

Our vision was to create a Vegan Protein, Vitamin and Supplement company that reaches out to a specific audience. After much re-search into Vegan lifestyle, we soon realised there was a lack of quality Vegan Protein consumables that contained active ingredients that actually helped maintain a healthy lifestyle, that supported normal growth, regeneration and function of our muscular system. Not only great ingredients that work, but at a price that you can afford.

Vegan lifestyle should be rewarded! It’s great that this chosen path not only supports a healthy lifestyle but also supports our planet, our home, that in itself is a great achievement! Vegan lifestyle is all about physical and mental strength, the food preparation, the long hours training in the gym and sculpting those muscle - bound gods and goddesses.  

Our Xtra Lean Protein

I AM VEGAN PROTEIN.COMXTRA LEAN PROTEIN is an advanced formula designed to help you achieve a lean and defined physique. It delivers an optimum hit of highly bioavailable, plant-based protein without excess calories.
Enhanced with a wide spectrum of beneficial active ingredients to support sustainable weight loss programs, it delivers highly bioavailable protein without excess calories and is boosted with a wide spectrum of active ingredients for improved results.
VEGAN XTRA LEAN PROTEIN helps support your body goals by providing a high quality source of plant-based protein for rapid absorption assisting in the growth lean muscle and aiding in the reduction of muscle tissue breakdown.
VEGAN XTRA LEAN PROTEIN takes this one step further with the inclusion of a range of tried and trusted metabolism-boosting compounds with a variety of potent fat-loss aiding