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Firstly, we would just like to say a big thank you for visiting our site and navigating through our pages, it’s great you stumbled upon this page! It means you get the chance to understand I Am Vegan Protein™ a little more before you invest your hard - earned money into our products. 


Building trust with our customers is our number one objective, we understand the importance of customer care and products that live up to their reputation. Our products are manufactured here in the UK, all of our products go through strict quality control to ensure satisfaction, to keep you, the customer, returning for repeat custom. 


Our vision was to create a Vegan Protein, Vitamin and Supplement company that reaches out to a specific audience. After much re-search into Vegan lifestyle, we soon realised there was a lack of quality Vegan Protein consumables that contained active ingredients that actually helped maintain a healthy lifestyle, that supported normal growth, regeneration and function of our muscular system. Not only great ingredients that work, but at a price that you can afford.


Vegan lifestyle should be rewarded! It’s great that this chosen path not only supports a healthy lifestyle but also supports our planet, our home, that in itself is a great achievement! Vegan lifestyle is all about physical and mental strength, the food preparation, the long hours training in the gym and sculpting those muscle - bound gods and goddesses.  

We, as a company had a lot to live up to, I Am Vegan Protein™ have highly researched and rectified what we believe to be the “people’s choice” the number 1 Vegan protein company to date. But don’t take our word for it, try our Vegan Products – Purity tested, tasty, easy mix and easy consumption blends today!  

I Am Vegan Protein™ "Our Vision"

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