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Michael Kerry, a natural bodybuilder from Ipswich, Suffolk. Training his physique in New Oaks Fitness gym in Ipswich. Home to I Am Vegan Protein.Com. 

Michael Kerry joined us in 2019, he immediately caught our eye with his string of competition awards and placing's. 

Including; 2015 Lee Priest Classic 1st place - category first timers. 2016 UKDFBA USN Classic - under 70kg 3rd place. 2nd place in under 70kg UKDFBA Southern county. 2nd place Rhino's Classic under 80kg in 2017. Michael Kerry is underway for more competitions and awards for 2019, with I Am Vegan Protein backing him all the way! 


Stuart Robertson, a Vegan bodybuilder with passion, pride and dedication with in the Vegan industry, Stuart caught our eye on Social media, his beliefs and methods of applying himself was strongly respected. Stuart is a man of knowledge and understands the importance of nutrition and planning, hence why his physique is so sculptured . Make the most from Stuart, get in touch with him, he would be happy to help!


John Machin ‘MegaVegan’ was born in 1956. He is a lifelong, instinctive vegan: from the earliest age, he has found animal-derived food products distasteful – often to the point where he cannot remain in the same room without being physically sick.
Informed at the age of five that, unless he began eating ‘properly’, he was unlikely to live beyond 10 by a GP, John learnt a valuable early lesson in Veganism –question everything, especially if it’s from an expert!
As he grew older and veganer (and somehow didn’t die!), John began a lifetime of research into the many aspects of Veganism, rapidly adding health, ethical, social and environmental reasons to his dietary stance.
John began training in 1969, aged 13. Now 63 (and somehow still alive!), he is qualified on three continents in Nutrition, Training and Dietetics, and considered to be one of Europe’s leading bodyweight trainers.
He trains daily for two hours, using a unique strength and balance protocol, based on his 50 years’ training experience.
In addition, John also found time to pen magazine articles and three successful books, and to work as scriptwriter for the Two Ronnies, Noel Edmonds, Hale and Pace, Little & Large, Cannon & Ball, Not The Nine O’Clock News, Spitting Images, and others too humorous to mention.
Now retired, he lives with his wife Sara and six rescue cats in Cheshire. He is somehow still alive.


Della Taylor is a vegan bodybuilder, personal trainer and nutritional therapist who works in the education sector. She is passionate about well being, health, fitness, nutrition, the environment and is a huge animal lover.She aspires to encourage and support people in the gym environment, enabling them to gain knowledge to make lifestyle changes that are beneficial to both physical and mental health and improve confidence. When not pumping iron, she enjoys being outdoors with her 3 rescued Siberian huskies.
She is currently training to be a counsellor and lives in West Yorkshire.


Brett Capstick, born and raised in South Africa, by British parents. 


Growing up in one of the most controversial city's in the world, Brett was exposed to things not many in the United Kingdom have witnessed or betrayed, Brett's journey into Bodybuilding came in, in fear of those that were taller and bigger than him through school, Brett thought he was an easy target for the bullies, tired of the almost everyday beatings, and tired with his slender appearance and under adequate nutritional lifestyle. Brett started curling 12KG plastic dumbells that his Father had purchased for him from a local car boot sale, along with Arnold Swazneggers autobiography on bodybuilding. It was then, Brett had decided Bodybuilding was a lifestyle choice that was felt suited his needs and soon became part of his DNA.

From that moment on, Brett derived nothing but his best towards his goals. And Brett continues to do so every day since. 

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